JooHee Hwang

Artist statement

Again, freezing solitude woke me up in the morning. Another day for the stranger. When I first came to England, I found myself encountering another world. Everyone has different face speaking different language and look at me indifferently. The feeling treated as the ‘Other’ kind was painfully shameful and sometimes I wish l was invisible. No matter how fast I ran over trying to escape from an icy stare, bundled up myself in several layers of coats or even hide myself into the box, it is undeniable fact that l am a stranger in here. By standing the edge of social segregation, my world have been upside down and through this gap, I have gradually started to sense the fragility of the definition of the space and that is the point where I began to search for my own meaning of the space.

Being inside of the confusion after leaving my warm nest, what I realised was the subjectivity of the space. It appeared as though we are belonging in the same frame of space and time, in fact, we are living in the completely different world depending on who we are and how we perceive the space. That is to say, the definition of the space can be varied by one’s own perception. For it is possible to say that this cozy, comfortable and lovely place where you are standing right now can be bitterly cold, bizarre and lonely place for somebody else. Likewise, the nature of the space doesn’t seem rigid or rather it has the character of the fluidity that can be transformative every time. Through the practice, I’d like to approach this subject by constructing my own perplexed layers of space in order to challenge the definition of the space. Also, inviting viewers actively into the art work and let them walk through inside of them aiming to share the artist’s own experience as the stranger. For I believe, one’s art work can be the answer which the one is looking for right now.